River Past Animated GIF Converter and Booster Pack

River Past Animated GIF Converter and Booster Pack

Is an add-on pack, which adds the ability to output Animated GIF and FLC files
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River Past Animated GIF Converter and Booster Pack is an add-on that allows some applications such as Cam 3d, Cam 3D Webmaster Edition, Ca, DO, Cam Do Webmaster Edition, Video Cleaner, Video Cleaner Pro, Video Perspective, and Video Slice output to Animated GIF and FLC files.

This software also works as a stand alone video to animated GIF converter which lets you configure output settings such as resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc. When you use this program together with advanced tools like Video Cleaner Pro, you will be able to edit the output, add effects, trim, crop, add watermarks, etc.

This converter and booster pack is simple to setup and use, and uses a very intuitive interface with advanced features. If you need GIF animations and already own River Past programs, this add-on will allow you to use most of them and output to GIF files (recommend you to check compatibility first), price might be an issue if you want to explode all the capabilities of this software, but if you want to test it first, a free trial is available for download.

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with many River Past applications


  • Expensive
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